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Sven Mekanik
Owner of Sven's Garage in West Plains, a neighborhood auto repair shop that claims to repair all makes and models "Foreign, Domestic, and Universal". The shop is a possible front for extraterrestrial activities, as unusual and unknown communication frequencies are routinely detected at the shop. Claims to be a native of Sweden, but it is unknown when he entered the country. Some believe that Mr. Mekanik is actually over 1,000 years old and was a Viking Explorer who has been living in North America since long before the journeys of Columbus. Some treasure hunting enthusiasts believe that Mr. Mekanik buried a vast fortune in treasure that is still buried on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, and that he built a network of booby traps and tunnels to protect it. Possible romantic relationship with West Plains Elementary fourth grade teacher Esther Crabcake.

-Morgan Wallace (a.k.a. "HyperKid")
-Brian Bullini (a.k.a. "BullBorg" and "BullStein")
-Esther Crabcake (possible romantic involvement)
Sven Mekanik