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Stella Starr
Stella Starr (a.k.a. "Stella Bella SuperStar) is a fifth grade student from the Sugar Hill neighborhood of Harlem in New York City. She is the third known human cyborg (pink meteor type), with exceptional super powers including super speed, super intelligence, super style, and super hair. Designer her own "Stella Bella SuperStar" costume. Heavy social media presence on InstaChattaSpaceBook and ViewCube, but has not broken through to the mass fame despite a strong desire to do so. Little is known about her parents and family. "Stella Starr" may be an alias.

Morgan Wallace
Main Identity
The main identity of Stella Starr is that of a ten year old fifth grader who lives in the Sugar Hill neighborhood in Harlem, New York City.
HyperKid Costume
Stella Bella SuperStar
Stella Starr's super hero alter ego. Her high fashion super hero outfit was designed by none other than Stella herself, including the logo.
HyperKid Armor 2.0
Stella Bella SuperStar Armor
Stella Bella's armor, possibly second generation, but there is no record of a first generation armor similar to that of HyperKid and BullBorg. The armor is also pressurized and oxygenated, making it suitable for space travel.