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Morgan Wallace
Morgan Wallace is a fifth grade student who attends West Plains Elementary School. While Morgan looks like a regular fifth grader, he is also a cyborg (green meteor type) with exceptional super powers including super speed, super vision, super hearing, and super strength, among others. Founding member of the West Plains Super Hero League with Brian Bullini, a.k.a. BullBorg, both of whom work for West Plains Mayor Maria Martinez, who gave them a key to the city after both extinguished a classroom fire at West Plains Elementary. Morgan's parents are Ralph and Edna Wallace, and he has a younger brother named Parker, who may or may not have super abilities as well. The Wallace family also has a pet cat named Ralston with cyborg abilities. Recently seen at Sven's Garage. Avid gamer and ViewCube personality, plays Roblox, RoboCraft, and DC Universe. Follows Roblox ViewCubers known as "The Pals" (DenisDaily, Alex, Corl, SubZero, Sketch, and select others).

-Edna Wallace, mother
-Ralph Wallace, father
-Parker Wallace, younger brother (a.k.a. "VirtuVincible")
-Ralston the cyborg feline
-Brian Bullini (a.k.a. "BullBorg" and "BullStein")
-Sven Mekanik, local auto mechanic
Morgan Wallace
Main Identity
The main identity of Morgan Wallace is that of a ten year old fifth grader who attends West Plains Elementary School.
HyperKid Costume
Morgan Wallace's super hero alter ego. After Morgan is exposed to the radiation of a meteor, he turns into a cyborg with super powers.
HyperKid Armor 2.0
HyperKid Armor 2.0
HyperKid's second generation armor, upgraded by Sven at Sven's Garage. HyperKid now has the ability to control when the armor depolys. The fire extinguising agent is now built into the suit. Various weapon blasters and a healer ray available through weapon transformation bone on right arm. The armor is also pressurized and oxygenated, making it suitable for space travel.
HyperKid Fire Armor
HyperKid Armor 1.0 (OBSOLETE)
HyperKid's retractable fireproof armor. The suit was controlled by cyborg systems and not Morgan Wallace himself. The suit self-deployed during emergency situations.