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Maria Martinez
Mayor of West Plains and up for re-election next November. Honored Morgan Wallace and Brian Bullini (and their super hero identities of "HyperKid" and "BullBorg", which formed the "West Plains Super Hero League") at a ceremony after the two extinguished a classroom fire at West Plains Elementary. Offered Morgan Wallace and Brian Bullini a job working for her office and has appeared in many photos with the two and her political donors and cronies. Under her administration the political climate of West Plains has become deeply divided. Her political adversaries often accuse her of neglecting those who have fallen on hard times and only being concerned with securing donations from "elite" and wealthy donors to fund her next election campaign.

-West Plains City Council
-West Plains Country Club
-Board Members of Golden Smacks Investment Bank
-Brian Bullini (a.k.a. "BullBorg" and "BullStein")
-Morgan Wallace (a.k.a. "HyperKid")
West Plains Mayor Maria Martinez