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The Cyborg at the End of the Universe
The Cyborg at the End of the Universe
On planet Alania, Alien-Bot wants to make his home world great again by destroying the universe. In the Tiran Galaxy, planet Kidok has vanished after its star went supernova and there have been no signs of survivors because the oppressive Kidokian government employed hackers and spread fake news to fool the public into thinking that the star was healthy and there was no need to evacuate even though it was obvious to most that something was wrong. On Earth, West Plains Mayor Maria Martinez has ignored the pleas of citizens who have fallen on hard times in order to focus her full attention on securing campaign contributions from wealthy donors in order to win her next election.

Welcome to the dark new age that Morgan Wallace (a.k.a. "HyperKid") and Brian Bullini (a.k.a. "BullBorg") suddenly find themselves living in. In this sequel to the highly acclaimed HyperKid v BullBorg, the super heroes, now in fifth grade, are transported through a wormhole that takes them to the Estarna Galaxy, the oldest part of the universe where intelligent life began. Alien-Bot is there waiting for them, but with the help of some tech upgrades from a thousand-year-old Viking and some unexpected allies, the heroes are able to prove their valor against a tyrant who shows no regard for anyone outside his very limited view of the universe.

The Cyborg at the End of the Universe combines classic science fiction, fantasy, and comic book super hero themes in the tradition of Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, and even some 2001: A Space Odyssey with a dash of Stephen Hawking, and brings them into a dark new age where world leaders are willing to use any means necessary to preserve their own wealth and power without regard to the health of the universe and the people who live in it. The resistance against injustice and intolerance continues here with some contemporary real world twists, and the two young super heroes discover that it is absolutely necessary for beings from all walks of life to work together to fight those who think it is their right to destroy a universe that belongs to everyone in order to save their own little piece of it.

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Title: The Cyborg at the End of the Universe
Published by: Clay Road Press
Date published: May 7, 2017
Edition: 1
ISBN: 9781946094001
Available at Amazon in Paperback, Kindle